You don't have to love taking care of your personal and small business finances because Abacus does.

With Abacus you gain confidence and control over your money.

Develop a solid budget and financial  values system. 

Tackle emotional stress and uncertainty around money.

Budget big life events. 

Answer all of your burning money questions.

How can Abacus help you?

Personal Finance

Small Business Finance

Small Business Finance

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Our personal relationship with money has such a significant impact on  how we live our day to day life and yet so many of us don't  have a clear picture of how we spend and save it. Abacus can help you gain confidence and control over your personal finances so you can spend your time and energy focusing on what really matters in life - living it! 

Small Business Finance

Small Business Finance

Small Business Finance

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You are a small business owner because you are passionate about what you do and you are good at it. You deserve the opportunity to be successful and to live your life doing what you love. A key success factor for any business is a solid financial plan. Let Abacus do the planning, freeing up your energy to create, grow, and scale your business.

And more!

Small Business Finance

And more!


Sometimes we have a sense we need help but we aren't always sure exactly what that looks like or are concerned others in our life are not ready to make the change with us. Abacus wants to help you find out how we can work together to get you to where you want to be with services such as: 

- A la carte budgets for big life events

- One on One consulting 

- Financial Literacy Workshops


" I felt like we were spending money without a clear plan for where it is going and how to spend and save. Jen easily brought everything together and helped us develop a clear, methodical system to stay on top of our spending and actually start saving in a meaningful way. I feel more in control then I ever have.  I felt heard and supported throughout the process and I can’t recommend her enough!"

- Tash and John Page